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Lindsey Grimaldi

I was looking for a stylist online and I came across Tasha Homan, WOW she truly is the best stylist ever! Tasha is extremely experienced in fashion & Styling people. She went over, above & beyond for me as you can tell she really cares about her clients happiness. right off the bat she knew my style which no one ever gets me me in that way.

She picked outfits the following day and it was exactly as I envisioned, she knew what I needed and gave me so much more!

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I approached Tasha Homan for a few things, to clarify my own personal style & to costume design for my upcoming tour. 

Not only did I feel comfortable sharing my vision but I also felt safe sharing my insecurities. Tasha gave me confidence and a perspective I dint have previously!

she assessed my wardrobe, encouraged me and made suggestions to refresh my existing style. Tasha personally shopped for me with out me present and nailed it!

Tasha prepared presentations for me including age up and hair styles! Working with Tash was inspiring, energizing an encouraging!

Amanda Lindsey Cook

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