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Be the Celebrity in your own story continues in the privacy of your own home!


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20 min. Enjoy a brighter you. This treatment increases circulation, blood flow and oxygen levels to ensure a fresh, restored complexion. This facial is ideal for ex smokers or anyone that has a dull lack luster complexion or anyone in need of an overall re fresh.

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Women love to gather TOGETHER and I can't think of a better way for friends, co workers and families to get together to loose weight, look great and feel great! This can be the perfect gift for a hens night, birthday parties or retreats, the options are endless. 


30 min. Firm the neck area or tone and lift by stimulating your connective tissue to re generate collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid reducing fine lines and wrinkles, while improving lymphatic flow, circulation and oxygen levels. This firming or lifting treatment will beautify and remove your  telltale signs of aging. 

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30 min. This treatment is a must if you have dark circles and or bags underneath the eyes, crows feet and wrinkles in the eye area. This service will lift and firm your eyes while plumping the surrounding tissue of your eye area. The results are immediate. 

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30 min. Tone and lift your skin by stimulating your elastin fibers, your hyaluronic acid and collagen. Re generating and multiplying these fibers allows an increase in hydration at your skins core. This treatment will also reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while lifting your skin. The overall results are visible and immediate.

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30 min. Firm your face by stimulating your connective tissue to re stimulate and re generate collagen while improving lymphatic flow, circulation and oxygen levels. This treatment will leave you with a more youthful appearance while smoothing out expression lines, crows feet as well as plump your overall skin texture. Results are immediate.

Cryo Chin Chisel

30 min. Redefine your jaw line by firming, lifting and sculpting to remove access weight in this specific, targeted area. This treatment will leave you with a more refined jaw line.

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Image Consulting

Tasha Homan a NYC Image consultant specializes in bringing Industry expertise to the consumer by means of cryo beauty, fashion stying and personal shopping. Tasha's passion is to help women & men become the celebrity in their own story. If you are navigating lifestyle changes Eg: career, new chapter in your life or body type changes this service is for you.

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