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Cryo Beauty

Let's talk Cryo

STIMULATE YOUR FIBROBLAST! Fibroblasts are cells with in your body just underneath the skin. They are responsible for the framework of your body where collagen, elastic and hyaluronic acid is stored and created. Collagen, which is one of our bodies protein, provides the structural support for our connective tissue, producing elasticity.


Cryo Beauty is a painless, non invasive, removal of wrinkles by this stimulation. Dermal destiny is achieved by the increase of sodium and potassium levels hence and increase in hydration and lymphatic flow.

We incorporate LED Colored lights with cold, which produces an increase in results while our skin responds positively to each colors wave length. Wave lengths are experienced by our skin. These frequencies in conjunction with the specific temperature for each service (targeted area) work together for a determined result.

Our fat loss treatments are performed with in 30 minutes, Face lifts are 20 min. Local fat deposits, the subcutaneous fat right above the muscle is frozen, by means of cryolipolysis, undergoing a healthy apoptosis process which our body experiences every day with cellular death. These fat deposits take 14-15 days to be eliminated by our body, either by the digestive system, liver or lymphatic system without creating any fatigue or stress to the body!

This process is completely natural and non invasive. No down time or recovery needed!

Additional benefits of Cryo Treatments:

Requires no downtime or recovery time.

Keep your expression, keep looking like you!

Improves the integrity of your skin, restoring your natural beauty.

Homan offers a range of cryo beauty services from chin chisels to natural face lifts. Browse the complete service range here!

CryoBeauty by Tasha Homan


Tasha was welcoming, consultative and explained the process really well. The treatment itself was so relaxing I didn't want it to stop.


The results were instant and not only could I see my skin was refreshed (improved texture, reduction of lines, hydrated etc), it was how my skin felt! I felt so rejuvenated and alive! I can highly recommend having a Cryo treatment with Tasha.


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