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Do Cryobeauty treatments hurt?

None of our treatments cause or create any discomfort, the feedback we hear from all of our clients is its actually pretty refreshing and relaxing. Additional feedback would be our treatments feels as if an ice cube is being rubbed around this area. Our specialist would be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

How long does the results last?

Depending on lifestyle choices would determine howling your results would last. Having a cryo facial or neck treatment your connective tissue which stores your collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin are being re created and multiplied. Depending on your skin care goals and action plan outlined in your consultation will determine how many treatments are recommended to achieve your goals. After each session, you will be introduced to your new normal. The results are immediate. Our specialist would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have?

How often do I need to come for cryo treatments?

Depending on the action plan outlined in your consultation will determine how often you need to come to achieve your desired end result. Cryo beauty is a natural non invasive process that is actually healing your connective tissue, restoring what's been lost due to the aging process...each clients process will be different. 

How often can I do the cryo trimming treatments?

Because of the breakdown process that occurs within the trimming treatment, it is advised to wait two weeks until your body has naturally eliminated all that has loosened during your treatment. Once the area is being worked on loosens, multiple treatments can be booked in one session every two weeks to expedite this process.

How many cellulite treatments do I need to remove my cellulite?

Again depending on how much cellulite you have and the location, will determine how many treatments you need. Sometimes a combination of trimming and toning may be advised to remove the cellulite. What's needed will be discussed in your consultation.

What’s involved in the personal shopping process?

After an in depth consultation, a mood board would be prepared for you, this is the first step in our get to know process with Tasha Homan. Once the mood board is agreed upon by the client, a wardrobe assessment is booked, depending on the discovery / edits made in your existing wardrobe according to your goals, personal shopping and personal styling are the next steps.

Can I hire The Homan Brand for finding an outfit? Or an evening dress? Or do you only provide complete makeovers?

Hiring our image consulting services is based on your current need, if it's skin care or your personal style an action plan is created. No job is too big or too small when providing the consumer with industry expertise.

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