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Image Consulting

Be the Celebrity of your own story.

Tasha Homan a NYC Image consultant specializes in bringing Industry expertise to the consumer by means of cryo beauty, fashion stying and personal shopping. Tasha's passion is to help women & men become the celebrity in their own story.


If you are navigating lifestyle changes e.g. career, new chapter in your life or body type changes this service is for you.


"As a business person, starting to speak publicly, applying for awards programs and running a fast growing business, I felt my image didn't fit the person I wanted to be but didn't know how to change that. I attended an information evening with Tasha and knew I needed to work with her!

Tasha is such an amazing, knowledgeable and supportive person and just makes you feel so special and amazing. I would highly recommend her services to EVERYONE especially if you feel stuck in a rut and want to reinvent/enhance who you are."


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