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Hair Cut & Style

Let's talk hair.

An expert in his field, Carmody has been honing his skills for more than 25 years. When it comes to cutting hair, Carmody is passionate about precision, excellence predicting  and setting trends  who believes to be a hair stylist is pure craftsman.

Corporately creating campaign imagery for billion dollar brands keeps Carmody's busy when he's not behind the chair.

Carmody Homan


"After being in the states for 7 years and struggling to find a hairdresser who really understood me and my style. I finally met Carmody! I had been flying back to the UK on a regular basis after several disastrous haircuts.

Carmody is a very special person. His energy and passion for his craft is apparent on first meeting. He listens, works with grace and humor.

I refuse to let anyone near my hair now!"


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