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Lock-down beauty maintenance

Keep your power girl!

We’re no doubt living in challenging and uncertain times, but what we can be certain of is how we treat our bodies during this lockdown period will determine how we look and feel in our next season. There are good choices and great choices but what are the best choices we can make? Here are a few of my favourite tips below that have sustained me through our lockdowns. These are key fundamentals that have become non-negotiable for me as a model, a stylist, a mom, a wife, and now an image consultant and cryo beauty therapist.

But first, let’s talk about your skin. A lot of my clients have never heard of the concept that your skin is your largest organ! They become even more perplexed when I share there are tons of nasties in many of our hair and beauty products that do not facilitate health or wellness to our bodies and these chemicals penetrate through our skin, therefore, loading our bodies with tons of toxins! Wait, what?

Not to mention our skin also shelters us, protects us from the outside world so not only feeding your skin good products is the best choice for your body boosting your hydration of our skin is also key! So what are the best choices we can make to ensure our skin thrives during a lockdown? Well as a cryo beauty therapist I can’t stress enough the importance of increasing oxygen levels while lowering oxidative stress to get that desired glow, and I have a few tips on how you can achieve it!

Dry Brushing

Stimulation of the skin isn’t the only benefit of dry brushing, it also detoxifies your lymph system. An improved lymphatic system increases your oxygen levels due to circulation improvement as well as the removal of toxins. This results in tight, firm, and even-toned skin.

It’s important you finish the process with a great body cream, and my choice is the Homan Body Balance for penetrating moisture along with nutritional ingredients that feed your skin.

Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are key to your gut health and skin-related issues are primarily one and the same. They bring living foods to your digestive system like nothing else can (not even the best probiotics) this good bacteria brings balance to your microflora within your gut allowing for energy, and overall well-being.

So what about kombucha vs alcohol?

This has been a long life balance for me - I mean I am from the Sex in the City generation so holding a Cosmopolitan can be as normal as carrying a handbag! These two options to ‘feel good’ are vastly different. While kombucha provides all the benefits associated with living fermented foods, alcohol is just fermented meaning acidity, not alkalinity. Alcohol also breaks down our tissue like the tenderising process of our meat, sorry girls! I know, this hurts me too! So alcohol treats our skin the same and with our collagen decreasing already as we age should we drink a beverage that will also do the same?

Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas are amazing for your skin as it heats your body internally and produces a sweat that detoxifies. It's amazing for all of our cryo beauty clients that we treat for cellulite and trimming treatments as this helps expedite the process by removing the toxins at the root of the issue. I know it isn’t always easy to get to an infrared sauna, but you can purchase a portable one online for a few hundred dollars! This is a great investment for the value it brings to your health.


Many years ago I wasn’t well while in Israel and my mentor Gil Jacobs suggested I sit in the sun with my stomach exposed. Did you know the solar plex area is the only beneficial way to receive Vitamin D? This has helped me and my family tremendously and is something I have been doing ever since (don’t forget your mineral-based SPF!).

Green Juicing

Green juicing is an absolute must - alkalinity to the blood is like oxygen to your heart! When your alkaline levels have been compromised due to a more acidic pH level in the bloodstream rather than a healthy neutral, illness and disease often spring forth! Please don’t run to buy the trendy alkaline waters as nothing replaces the good old-fashioned veggie juice packed with loads of nutrition and oxygen, great when you’re in lockdown!


Last but definitely not least, joy! Smiling, laughing despite our lockdown circumstances will truly become our strength. Joy has the ability to upgrade us to gratitude and thankfulness which breeds hope and results in a more positive perspective. I believe joy is key to a healthy heart and mindset, not to mention a radiant skincare routine. Audrey Hepburn said it best, "A smile is the best thing you can wear!"

While we are gearing up for spring and summer some parts of our body will start to emerge and how we treat the lockdown process will be key to our confidence in getting out there (when we can)!

Cold showers, deep breathing, opening up your ability to receive oxygen in greater measures are great avenues to also explore and all can be done in the privacy of your own home!

As a cryo beauty therapist whose passion is to provide a holistic approach to beauty, I trust you would find all items mentioned above to help facilitate your overall wellbeing and health.

Be well.

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