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Wardrobe Essentials

There’s so much talk about wardrobe essentials nowadays it makes it hard to drown out the noise and focus on what’s actually essential and what’s not.

In essence, we make room for what we value, but are we valuing the right things in our wardrobes?

For me, style is who I am. Fashion is an item I’ve worn.

Here are some highlights of my essential pieces that focus more on style versus fashion:

  • White t-shirt or white button-front shirt

  • Blue skinny jeans

  • Black high waist skinny jeans

  • Black fitted blazer

  • Nude stilettos

  • Funky print pumps

  • Little black dress

  • Amazing handbag

  • Evening gown

  • An incredible throw

  • Wide leg trouser

As a model, airplanes were like Ubers to me. One day I would be in Spain, London the next, and then back to NYC. I quickly discovered what were essential pieces. I needed items in my wardrobe ready to go that would be suitable for castings, fittings, meetings, drinks, dinners, and the airport.

Being casual chic with a twist of funk took me from daywear to transitional evening wear with a small adjustment of a few things like darkened eyeliner, a deeper shade of lipstick, or swapping pumps for stilettos.

As for jewellery, a dainty necklace with studded earrings or statement earrings with a bare neckline keeps things clean yet striking.

Coco Chanel says it best “A girl should be two things classy and fabulous”.

I share with my image consulting clients all the time “when walking in a room you’ve said a ton without having to open your mouth!"

Rachel Zoe says style is a way to communicate without having to speak. I couldn’t agree more!

Having the items listed above on hand has become a lifestyle choice that quickly communicates who I am and demonstrates more about my personal style.

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