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Naomi's image consulting experience

For our client Naomi Elliott, 2021 was all about her health and wellness. Her business was growing at an astronomical state - it was winning awards and she was doing more and more public speaking. Having just turned 40, combined with this professional success, Naomi felt her image no longer fit the person she wanted to be, but she didn’t know how to change that.

She first started working with us at The Homan Brand on cryotherapy services...

“My first cryo treatment was unbelievable! You could see such a difference straight away and it felt amazing.”

...before deciding to use the image consulting and personal shopping service.

For Naomi, this was a major move outside of her comfort zone, but one that definitely paid off.

The first step was for me to sit down and talk with her about how she felt about her current wardrobe and how she ultimately sees the best version of herself. From here I created an amazing mood board so Naomi could see both how I interpreted the conversation and the potential of her image.

“After our styling session, Tasha just knew me!”

The next stage is often the most nerve-wracking but exhilarating part of the process...the wardrobe review! I went through every piece of clothing with Naomi, and we worked together to decide if it aligned with the mood board I had created. From this, more than 50% of her clothes were put into a donation pile

“I was very worried about the wardrobe review but again Tasha was so supportive and understanding.”

Then, it’s time for the fun part! After culling Naomi’s clothes we headed straight to Brisbane to start bringing this new vision to life.

Before she arrived in the store, I had already started picking out pieces for her to try on. The benefit of an expert image consultant is we can easily picture how something will look both on the body of the person we are helping and when it’s then also paired with other items. We know what colours will suit your body style, skin tone, and features and also know what to avoid. There’s nothing worse than standing in a changing room feeling horrible in an outfit you thought would look amazing, and I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen. Everything I choose compliments each person perfectly.

“As I started trying on the outfits she had selected, I was just amazed that they were all so good - they just fit beautifully and really suited me! A large majority of what I bought, I would never have even taken off the shelf.”

For me, there is no better feeling than the moment I see a client’s face light up when they see themselves in the mirror. When the image staring back at them reflects exactly who they want to be. Every time I am reminded that this is exactly why I do this. I want every woman, or man, to feel their absolute best.

“Tasha saw the potential of my body, knew the image I was wanting, and stuck true to this. I felt like the star in my favourite movie - Pretty Woman!”

After a full day of shopping in Brisbane, I completely transformed Naomi’s look all while remaining within a reasonable budget. She is an unbelievably amazing person, who is achieving phenomenal things within her business (which is often male-dominated) and I wanted to ensure every day she walked through the door, and outside of work, she felt confident, powerful, and feminine. How we dress and portray ourselves plays a major role in our self-esteem levels.

“Tasha is such an amazing, knowledgeable and supportive person and just makes you feel so special and amazing and I would highly recommend her services to EVERYONE especially if you feel stuck in a rut and want to reinvent/enhance who you are!”

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